Hello Denver, we are Lena and Leila, twins born and raised in Denver! We are inseparable which makes us the best business partners. We have served the Denver bar and restaurant industry together for fifteen years and loved every bit of our experience. We've enjoyed everything from bartending, waitressing and being brand ambassadors as well as serving bottle service in night clubs throughout Denver. Our passion and desire was to build something of our own, something we could be proud of. We were inspired to turn a “Vintage Horse Trailer” into a fully functional bar on wheels. We located a beautiful vintage horse trailer in Elizabeth, Colorado, borrowed a friend's truck, googled how to hitch a trailer and took off on our future endeavor. Giggling with excitement and nerves, we knew there was no going back, and as they say,” the rest is history”. Step by step, we completely built our first ever mobile bar named CoCo. It wasn't always easy, but we had each other for support and motivation. We are now a proud small minority women owned business and we are just getting started!


"Providing the life and energy to any event. From the love of creating memorable experiences through innovation and inspiration"