• Leila El-senussi

Nearby and Afar Two Sisters and a Happy Hour

Its always our pleasure to inform you on the best places to grab a drink in Denver from the neighborhood hole in the walls to the fancy swanky cocktail lounges. We know the growing pains of our city. From the openings and closings of a bar or restaurant, one minute they're here and the next they're gone. It's a tough world of the ongoing battle of the industry let alone everything that has made it even tougher since the daunting world of COVID. Anyway, we're here to guide you through! Our featured bar this week is a little cute cocktail lounge called Nearby Bar. We were on the hunt for a good cocktail and found this place which WAS ACTUALLY NEARBY, it's located in River Front; a prime location nestled next to it's sister restaurant, Protos Pizza . We walked in and were warmly greeted by a gentleman named John wearing red suspenders, this automatically gave me a speakeasy type of vibe. He was super nice and informative on the choices of cocktails.

John told us all about Nearby Bar and explained his and his business partners' conception and how it came to be. There's a plethora of Denver's newest bars on scene that have a less "curated" type of cocktail experience. You know, the kind where cocktails are poured straight from a draft line and a quick add of a garnish and boom its ready....yeah those. Nope not this place! Nearby Bar understands the importance of experience. He curated an amazing cocktail for me using a smokey mezcal tequila. John and his business partner created a vibe from the inviting low lit lounge and the thoughtful glassware selections; you can tell they care about the "little things". Two sisters and a Happy Hour will definitely be back to this amazing bar!

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