• Leila El-senussi

The World is you’re Oyster!

Do you love oysters as much as we do?

Let’s face it picking a restaurant that serves tasty and fresh oysters in a land locked state can be pretty dicey. You do a little reviewing then pick a place and hope for the best. You’re either let down or pleasantly surprised. There’s no gray area when it comes to oysters, they’re either good or they‘re not. We have enjoyed Oysters coast to coast from New England to San Francisco and have had some of the best oysters money can buy. So we know how hard it can be to locate some fresh tasty oysters here in Denver, and for a good price at that. Insert Blue Island Oyster Bar.

Every Monday they offer $1 oysters all day! They also have happy hour from 2-6pm daily. That’s 7 days a week my happy hour friends! A great selection of cocktails and wine as well as all sorts of small bites. The shrimp and mussels were both our favorite, but what keeps us coming back are the oysters. The oysters are fresh and packed with flavor helping us forget about the land lock dilemma. So oyster up and rest assured that Two Sisters and a Happy Hour have tried and tested again and again, we just absolutely love the oysters here. We have a couple of other Happy Hour Oyster joints that we will share with you. Look out for our future post and follow our mobile bar business and twin sister page on instagram!

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