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Two sisters and a Happy Hour At Honey Elixir

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Fall is here and we just love this time of year! Finding a cozy place with a seasonal inspired menu is a must, and Honey Elixir fit the bill. Located in the trendy River North Art District, it is the perfect place to sip on a wonderfully composed cocktail.

This trendy little spot is one of our absolute faves. This place has friendly staff, accompanied with a living room like vibe that makes you feel right at home. There is no question plenty of thought went into the creation of their cocktails. The menu offerings that rotate seasonally will tantalize your tastebuds and keep you wanting to explore more. Honey Elixir's concoctions are unique. For example, they partnered with local brew masters at Ish’s Brewery based out of Boulder, CO. Ish’s specializes in brewing Jun. Jun is the sister tonic to kombucha and like kombucha, it's tart, fizzy, like a sparkling gut-healing soda. One key difference is while Kombucha feeds on sugar, Jun feeds on HONEY! They also incorporate local medicinal herbs and botanicals into their crafted cocktails. Unlike a lot of bars they have dedicated a whole menu with an array of non alcoholic beverages to choose from. This place is not just your average fancy cocktail bar, it’s definitely worth a visit. Nestled in an alley surrounded by local shops and Denvers Central Market, there’s plenty around to see and

do. Beautiful local art work adorn the walls everywhere, making it a perfect place for Insta worthy photos.

Just up the alley we popped into Gerard's Pool hall for a quick game. This place is a staple. Gerard's has plenty of pool tables and an upstairs bar with old photos that’ll have you feeling nostalgic. There are so many great places around this area of town, from your neighborhood hole in the wall bar, to a fancy dinner spot and everything in between. Check back with us for our weekly blog post Two Sisters And A Happy Hour. Your very own personal trusted guides to the best restaurant/bars around Denver!

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