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Liquor Order & Delivery Service /Consultation and Creation for Craft Cocktails

150.00 flat fee plus 5.00 per guest


Liquor order, pick up & delivery and Craft Cocktail Consultation

Colorado law prevents us from the sale of alcohol, therefore the client is responsible for purchasing all alcoholic beverages for their event. Our liquor store partner can assist with placing the liquor order. Wether you need help with how much to buy or what type of alcohol to purchase our partner can help. Delivery is complimentary! Co.Co Mobile Bar & Bartending offers a Cocktail Consultation and Curation for our clients who would like to have craft cocktails made for their guest. We charge a 150.00 flat fee to create 2-3 craft cocktail(s)/mocktail(s) including a cocktail menu display and shopping list for all necessary non alcoholic ingredients that will be incorporated into the cocktail(s). We also will purchase all necessary non alcoholic ingredients to make the cocktails along with cups, napkins, and straws. Starting at 5.00 per guest

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